Correct saddle fit

The basic principles of saddle fit remain the same whether english, western or endurance. The saddle must accommodate both the rider’s uniqueness in terms of pelvis, seat and legs and the horse’s back shape, length, width and movement. The saddle tree must protect the horse’s spine,...

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Proper saddle fit for a horse

Are Saddles Instruments of Torture

In my years working with horses and riders as a trainer, instructor, clinician and saddle fitter I have repeatedly seen saddles being instruments of torture for the rider rather then an effortless tool of communication - leading riders to experience riding as, at best, a...

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A well fitted Horse Saddle

The Importance of a Well-Fitted Saddle

 How the saddle works as an adapter between horse and rider As I travel throughout California as a saddle fitter one of the most common misconceptions I come across (with both equine professionals as well as horse owners) is the approach of saddle fit as a...

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The Horse Back Twist Article

The Myth of the Narrow Twist

Over and over again I hear “I need a narrow twist”. So why do I repeatedly answer, ”Not necessarily so!” ?  Because a saddle with a narrow twist may not necessarily be the best fit for you or your horse. Correct fit has many more...

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The Saddle as an Adapter Horse Article

The Saddle as an Adapter

What is the number one point we must keep in mind when fitting a saddle for a horse and a rider? The saddle must fit in motion.  When the saddle works as an efficient adapter in motion it helps both horse and rider move together...

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Proper Horse Saddle Fitting

The Silent Abuser

Through the years of working with many horse owners on balance and saddle issues, what has become evident is that most owners do not understand the debilitating result of bad saddle fit. The sad state of affairs is that these are responsible horse owners who...

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Sacramento Saddle Fitting

Why Good Saddle Fit for the Horse Matters

It seems that as we look around us we see riders trekking, jumping, galloping, sliding, piaffing….all without a worry in the world about how their saddle fits. The horses look like they’re performing. The riders look happy and carefree. So where does saddle fit come into all this? Good...

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Why Good Saddle Fit Matters for the Rider

Once upon a time, I thought that a saddle’s only purpose was to help me stay on a horse while I went galloping around with the wind in my hair and the reins in my teeth. Then, when I believed myself to be older and wiser, and coincidentally...

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