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In December 2005, Dr. Lauren DeRock DVM published a study called “Responsiveness of Horses to Biofrequency Modulation after Acupuncture Palpation” in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. DeRock JL. “Responsiveness of Horses to Biofrequency Modulation after Acupuncture Palpation”. JAHVMA 2005 Oct-Dec;24(3):11-14. The objective of this study was to explore the use of acupuncture point palpation and application of biofrequency modulation (LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches) to specific points on the skin of horses. The goal was to see if LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches would relax the back and relieve back discomfort in horses. One hundred forty-two horses were evaluated. Four horses did not demonstrate back pain, and were not evaluated further. One hundred thirty-five of the remaining 138 horses with back pain showed elimination of back pain after patch placement for five minutes. Two horses who failed to respond initially showed elimination of back pain after reversal of patch position. One horse failed to respond. In conclusion LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches when placed according to the technique outlined in this paper, consistently alleviated back pain in horses, as assessed by acupuncture palpation.




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